Pre Season Team Training

Pre season dryland training is a very valuable tool for modern teams and athletes. Our strength and conditioning programs help athletes develop more strength and power, as well as speed, agility, balance etc. These programs are designed to make hard working, dedicated athletes reach their potential and get real results. They will be more than ready for upcoming season as they will be stronger and more physically conditioned. Dryland training plays a big role in athletes upper hand on other teams and players.

In Season Team Training

In season dryland training is also very important for athletes to maintain strength and conditioning during the season and leading up to and including playoffs. Our in season programs are designed to maintain and reduce chance of injury or burn-out. It helps keep athletes focused on improvement and maintenanc. Without proper in season training, personal training athletes will often lose their strength and conditioning gains from the pre-season. These sessions will also have a focus on effective recovery and stretching exercises.

CrossFit Training Markham, ON

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