Steve Cristini – Head Coach


If there is one coach that is relentlessly committed to helping dedicated athletes maximize their full potential it’s Steve Cristini. His journey has taken him from Muay Thai and the obsession with training and competing led him to CrossFit. A Kinesiology major and several conditioning and Olympic lifting certifications under his belt have made him a meticulous Athlete and coach.
Steve has over four years of coaching and competing experience, his mandate and goal for anyone who walks in the door whether they be a top Athlete or a de-conditioned participant is to better the human body with functional movements, so that we are better equipped to take care of our bodies and reach the highest level of sport and ultimate health. Steve is known to be the “kick your butt” trainer; he doesn’t believe in excuses and will dedicate to maximize your potential through physical and mental conditioning to succeed in your fitness goals.

Favorite WOD: anything heavy
Least favorite WOD: Fran. I get anxiety thinking about it.
Favorite lift/movement: snatches
Previous sport involvement: Muay Thai


Steve’s Credentials

2016 Reebok CrossFit Games athlete (Team RCFEW)
3 Time CrossFit Regional Competitor
Canadian Society Exercise Physiology Personal Trainer (CSEP- PT)
B.A. (Hons) Kinesiology
CrossFit Weightlifting Seminar Staff
CrossFit Level One Certified
CrossFit Olympic lifting Certified
CrossFit/Pose running Certified
CrossFit mobility and recovery Certified
NCCP Olympic Lifting Club Coach
Chrish Cristini – Head Coach


From Canadian Muay Thai Champion to Regional CrossFit Competitor and Coach, Chris Cristini’s passion and dedication to his craft has led him to succeed and appreciate all aspects of the fitness world. A Kinesiology major, Chris has gained both theoretical and practical knowledge to better understand and assist with fitness goals and desires. Fitness has always fueled a significant role in his life and the appreciation and involvement has led him to great success of his personal aspirations including travelling the world to compete professionally in Muay Thai and winning national and international titles. The meticulous memory and attention to detail has been put to good use since leaving Thai Kickboxing and has transferred into his personal training and coaching. Chris has over 7 years of coaching and training experience and takes pride in motivating people to improve their fitness levels and achieve their goals. He is no stranger to competition and believes that coaching and competing go hand in hand, and that you begin to learn and admire your strengths and weaknesses throughout the process, it’s an ongoing journey that requires dedication, passion and drive.


Chris’s Credentials

2016 Reebok CrossFit Games athlete (Team RCFEW)
7 Time CrossFit Regional Competitor
Canadian Society Exercise Physiology Personal Trainer (CSEP- PT)
B.A. (Hons) Kinesiology
CrossFit Level One Certified
CrossFit Level 2 Certified
CrossFit Weightlifting Seminar
CrossFit mobility and recovery
Kettle Bell Level One & Two Certified
Canadian Muay Thai Champion
NCCP Olympic Lifting Club Coach


Anna’s Credentials

CrossFit Level One Certified
CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certified
Kettle Bell Level One
Ben Alemayehu - Kettlebell Certified Coach


Ben’s Credentials

CrossFit Level One Certified
CrossFit Kettlebell Certified
NCCP Olympic Lifting Club Coach (in training)
Jordana Romany – Coach/Nutritionist


Jordana’s Credentials

BASc Nutrition and Food. Ryerson University
CrossFit Level One Certified
2014 CrossFit Regional Competitor


Maria Cristini - Level One Certified Coach

Maria Cristini

Maria’s Credentials

CrossFit Level One Certified
Chad Vaughan Olympic Lifting Seminar
NCCP Olympic Lifting Club Coach (in training)
Sacha Adkins - Level 1 Certified Coach

Sacha Adkins

I played competitive soccer for 15 years and ran middle distance track as a teenager. Before discovering Crossfit, I had never done an air squat or lifted a single weight. Coming into this sport 4 years ago without a background in gymnastics or weight lifting forced me to work hard to develop as an athlete.
Crossfit didn’t come easy to me, and I believe that because of this one of my strengths as a coach is recognizing where athletes are struggling and coaching them through plateaus. While training and coaching in Halifax for the past 3 years, I’ve had the opportunity to train with a group of strong, competitive female Crossfitters and am excited to bring a strong female presence to Crossfit Markham and Woodbridge. Watching female members become stronger and more confident has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had as a coach.

In addition to my Level 1, I have attended seminars in gymnastics and powerlifting. 10 years of yoga practice and working on proper movement patterns has given me a strong background in mobility, injury prevention and recovery. I am passionate about setting goals and holding people accountable to following through with them.

Sacha’s Credentials

2016 Reebok CrossFit Games athlete (Team RCFEW)
4 Time CrossFit Regional Competitor
CrossFit Level 1 Certified
CrossFit Weightlifting Seminar
Sarah Willis - Level 1 Certified Coach


Sarah grew up as the daughter of a dance studio owner in Pickering, Ontario.  Being the youngest of 3 children, she learned quickly that in order to succeed, she needed to be feisty and   ambitious. By the age of 5 she was competing in dance, and at the age of 7, added in provincial level gymnastics.  Combined, she was training 50 hours a week by the age of 9. This gruelling schedule taught her the importance of grit, dedication & determination.  Dance continues to be a huge part of her life. She became a certified dance instructor by the age of 16 and continued on to pursue performance dance in her post secondary studies.

Upon graduation, Sarah realized she couldn’t rely on hours of dance class per day to keep her in shape. That’s when she stumbled across Crossfit.  Her dad was doing it to get fit and had caught the bug.  After her first class, that competitive nature reared its head and she thought, “I could be good at this.”  And so the journey began.  After a year of training she became inspired to coach.  She loved sharing her passion for dance, and wanted to share her new passion.  In 2014, she took her Crossfit Level 1 and was almost immediately presented with an opportunity to intern and train at Crossfit  912 Playa Del Carmen in Mexico.  Spending 8 hours per day in the box, having a coaching mentor, learning Spanish and getting her butt kicked two to three times daily left her hungry for more.

After arriving home to Canada, she began searching for competitive programming that would meet her newfound goals. This is when she found Crossfit Markham.  It has been home away from home and she has surprised herself both in training and at competitions ever since.   Along with learning from her coaches every day, she has participated in the Crossfit Mobility Course and Optimum Performance Training Athlete’s Course.

Sarah is a full time dance instructor, and likes to bring her dance knowledge into the box,  and her Crossfit knowledge into the dance studio. Believe it or not, the two share many of the same principles.  Knowledge of proper alignment, movement and mobility helps her cue athletes to find their sometimes hidden coordination and balance.  She admires the sport for its functionality and loves that it can bring people of all ages together no matter what their goals are.

SARAH’s Credentials

CrossFit Level 1 certified
Yuki Akell – Weightlifting Coach

Yuki Akell
Weightlifting COACH

Yuki’s Credentials

Master’s In the Sport of Weightlifting
Yuki was a weightlifter in Bulgaria and competed at the world level.He has a personal best snatch of 130kg/286lbs and clean and jerk of 170kg/374lbs in the 67kg weight class.
He also coached Gold Medal Olympian Niam Sulemanoglu from a child, to the time he went to the Olympics and won.
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