CrossFit Markham is a world class fitness facility. What sets us apart from other gyms and CrossFit Affiliates in our area is that we focus on making sure that you are fully prepared and ready for our group classes. We are focused on lifelong functional fitness for our athletes…not just throwing you into a class environment without a knowledge of the movements and proper technique. Our group classes are for our members that have obtained a proficiency in functional movements and a good baseline of fitness. In addition to fully preparing all of our members for classes before they begin, we offer a vast array of options to best suit the needs of all age groups and abilities. This is why we offer CrossFit lite and CrossFit teen, along with our other programs. We are also a powerlifting and weightlifting club in Markham, ON.

We have spent many years studying, learning and experimenting with ways to get people fit in a safe and effective manner. We have learned how to get people motivated and to keep them injury-free so they can be fit for life not just for a quick fix. We understand you have long-term fitness goals and want to help you meet and even exceed those so you can look and feel your best. CrossFit classes aren’t the easiest option, but they can often be the most effective.

We strongly believe in the research that Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit, shared with the fitness community several years back in the CrossFit Journal article “What is Fitness?”. He prescribed a formula of constantly varied, functional movements, at high intensity. We follow this formula that has been proven across high level professional athletes and those seeking to be a more fit version of themselves.


At CrossFit Markham, we offer personal training designed to help you get fit and stay fit. Our fitness training center focuses on you and your needs, whether you’re looking for a method of exercise to stay healthy or you want to tone your body. Our personal trainers will meet with you and go over your goals and then help you put together a plan to achieve them. Whether you’re a better candidate for CrossFit lite or you are a younger member interested in CrossFit teen, we can help you find the perfect fit to help you achieve your ultimate fitness goals. You won’t find this level of service at any of the other gyms located throughout the Markham, ON, area.


Our gyms are equipped with a variety of personal fitness trainers who can provide the valuable advice and guidance individuals need when they’re trying to get fit and stay fit. Whether you want a trainer who can help you find the best methods of fitness or you are looking for experienced personal CrossFit trainers in Markham, we are ready to help. Our fitness center also offers boot camp options for weight loss and other purposes, allowing you to enjoy the personal attention you need in a bootcamp format. Contact our professional team to start talking about what you expect from your CrossFit experience and we will make the proper recommendations to ensure you have an easier time achieving those goals.


CrossFit Markham is a fitness centre designed with your fitness in mind. From our CrossFit classes to our boot camps, we provide the services individuals are looking for with the latest state-of-the-art equipment. We offer life-changing programs backed by experienced personal trainers, whether you’re interested in weightlifting, powerlifting or any other fitness exercise. Our goal is to make sure you have access to everything you need to get fit and stay fit.

Contact us today to start discussing the benefits of CrossFit classes and how they can help you achieve your goals. We are more than a powerlifting and weightlifting club; we are a fitness training facility that strives to help every client meet or exceed their fitness goals.


Become the best version of yourself
Individualized training
Get leaner and stronger
Improve overall health, body fat percentage and cardiovascular health


World-class, passionate coaches
Life-changing programs
Welcoming and motivational atmosphere
State-of-the-art facilities


Friendly, accessible beginner program
Small group classes w/ expert coaching
Convenient schedule
¼ the cost of personal training


9833 HWY-48
Markham, Ontario

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